Where’s the princess

I’ve been more into 3D for the past days and I wanted to share with you my last (and the one I’m most proud about) work. I made this image in Zbrush, exported the different passes including Diffuse, Ambient color, inbound SSS, outbound SSS, Specular, deph, and Shadow and combined them all in Photoshop with a little work with brushes for the background. This work is an entry for the 3DTotal monthly Stylized Character competition. I’d like to thank the staff over there for their great job!

I hope you like it!

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I recently noticed the last iOS update that my game supports is 4.2.1 so I’ll rebuild it but using 5.0

It’s not like a successful game so I don’t have time to update to every iOS release so I just wanted to let you all know that it will be updated to 5.0 as soon as it’s released.

Thanks for the patience.

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iCheese: Cards Duel Trailer!!!

Enjoy it 😉

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iCheese: Cards Duel is Live on the appStore!!!

iCheese: Cards Duel is officially live on the appStore, I hope you all who spend the money on what I did put a lot of work and long nights enjoy it as much as I spect.

The game was born from a chat with my G/F. We both agreed that would be awesome to play a card game we use to play in our spare time but this time on the iPhone. Now it’s possible.

Thanks you all who made this possible.


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iCheese: Cards Duel pre-release!!

–UPDATE– Release date changed because of a noob error in the distribution build. V1.0.1 In Review right now. I hope to see it live this week before February 25th.

Hi everyone,

Finally, iCheese: Cards Duel has been approved and will be avaliable on the AppStore on Thursday 17 February!!!!

I’ll post a trailer I’m recording for the game as soon as possible and post an entry here on my blog as soon as it’s fully available.

iCheese: Cards Duel will launch at 0.99$ (0.79€) and I’ll study making it free for a day or two so you all can enjoy what I’ve been working on for many many hours.

It’s my first game ever, but now I’m sure that more will come, many more I hope!

Just to update any visitor, I’m actually learning/trying/testing/playing with Unreal Engine. Seguir leyendo

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Steering behaviours, A*, SAT and much more.

Hi all,

I was planning my next game (yes, I haven’t released iCheese yet, I know) and I was wondering how to implement the enemies/allies/hostages AI. This question and Google brought me to RocketmanDevelopment. This guy really made me happy. He has tutorials and explanations for almost all my AI doubts.

I strongly recomend that you visit his site.

Although it’s for java, I’ll be doing some Objective C/C++ tutorials as soon as I start with the new project in iOS. Porting the code shouldn’t be a big deal anyways. 😉

Take a look at his site and bring feedback!

“Thanks for watching!”

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Promo codes for everyone!

That’s it, great news for non-US developers. From now on, we will be able to send promo codes to anyone and that person will be able to use it on his country’s store.

Look forward for iCheese: Cards Duel promo codes! hehe

“Thanks for watching!”

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NSUserDefaults not being updated.

Hi all!

before I post the last chapter of my GameKit Leaderboards overview, I faced some troubles with NSUserDefaults and I’d like to share with you what I found.

After saving the defaults, if you read carefully the documentation the synchronization can take some time to actually take place. I was testing my app and I was not waiting enough time to close my app. This short period (around 2 seconds) was not enough time to let the system synchronize the settings you just saved to disk. If you need this synchronization to happen on the fly, you need to use the synchronize method manually. Seguir leyendo

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iCheese: Cards Duel instructions preview

One key feature of my game is the look&feel, I did my best to create an appealing interface. I’ve seen so many games with potential ruined imo by their crappy interface.

When building a game, everything must be perfect, even music for instance! Although a huge percentage of people plays iPhone with mute on, I’d love to create a game with such a good soundtrack that people regrets not being able to turn sound on on the underground.

For graphics I always had since the really begining the Retina Display target on sight. At the end, I don’t think that my game really needs that much resolution and right now I feel too lazy to recode anything at all. On the other hand, RD is something that customers appreciate and look for, so I decided I should create eveything using vectorial drawing. Seguir leyendo

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Cut the Rope & Reckless Racing have been updated!

Two of my “all time” favourite iPhone games got an update this week. It really amazes me how the iPhone brought me back to videogames, and games like Cut the Rope and Reckless Racing did indeed contribute. Seguir leyendo

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