iCheese: Cards Duel Trailer!!!

Enjoy it 馃槈


Acerca de lapsusmental

Computer engineer working as a Banking Applications Developer in a multinacional firm. Actually, this blog is intended to cover my latest, and more exciting, hobby I'm spending my spare time on: iPhone Game Development. Everything I managed to learn on my own or visiting the many sites where more skilled and experienced people share they knowloedge has room in this site.
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3 respuestas a iCheese: Cards Duel Trailer!!!

  1. cheese dijo:

    What happen with this game in appstore?

    • lapsusmental dijo:

      My dev account was not renewed and the app went out of the store. It wasn’t a success and being an iPhone dev is not free so… as soon as I’ve got something else to upload there my iCheese game will be recompiled for iOS5+ and updated in the store.

      Thanks for your interest.

    • lapsusmental dijo:

      My dev account 1 year period ended and I’m not planning to renew it until I got something else to upload. I’m sorry mate! iCheese was not so successful hehe


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