Finally! I’ll be submitting this week…

I made GC work properly, modified my code to suit GC requirements and I’m ready to submit my app and also to finish my first tutorial series with the use of the class GameCenterManager.

I hope that the approval doesn’t take longer than the 2 weeks average :). Nevertheless, I’ll take a look at Leaks and Instruments before uploading the binary to minimize risks.

“Thanks for watching!”

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GameKit II: Creating the GameCenterManager class

Hi all!

On my last post I stated that I was planning not to use a ViewController object on top of my GameCenter stuff. After reading carefully the developer guide and the example code at Apple Developer resources Apple – GKTapper, I decided to make a little twist on my base idea and change the screen I use at the matches end:


Seguir leyendo

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iCheese: Cards Duel

iCheese: Cards Duel (Soon on the appStore, if they let me in! :D)

Fast Paced card game where your main aim is to get rid of the cards you’re given at the start of the match.

Challenge the cpu or a friend of yours on the same device.

GameCenter leaderboard integration.

Think fast, drag&drop the cards at the middle slots.

Everything has been done by LapsusMental, my one man dev team, except for some free music loops I used to add some background to the game. The Game is almost finished, only some tweaking of the GameCenter features to go.

El pase de diapositivas requiere JavaScript.

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GameKit I: Setting up your App in iTunesConnect

For the last two weeks I’ve been thinking on what can your application implement so it can improve as a product.

First think that came to my mind, appart from having a funny game by itself, is adding some challenge to the players.

iCheese is the first app I’ve made so far and although I consider it a good idea that can make it into the appstore without feeling bad or shy if somebody spends 1$ on it (I do play it in fact, mostly against my g/f tho), it needs an addictive touch.

On the other side, I was thinking on what would be the best option in order to quantify the player score after a match (this is the problem you find when you didn’t plan every aspect of the app, which I consider a must in the design phase now), the best idea IMO is to store the amount of time it took to beat the oponent. The less time you spend on a match the higher you should be ranked in an hipotetic highscores chart. Seguir leyendo

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A new era begins

Today I start a new era on this blog. I’ll be posting about photography and iOS development, but from now on I will not only upload content but also Explain content.

I’m about to put my first application in the Apple AppStore and this is the place where I’ll give support to my possible customers (I hope a lot of people comes and they have nothing to complain about) and also new developers who have doubts about any functionality I cover with my games and applications.
I’ll try to provide fun and entertainment in a fair and well ended way because I’m putting on this a lot of effort, focussing on delivering a great product, a product I’d purchase and use, I’m not here only to make money. I think I’ve got more probabilities of going rich with the lotto rather than with my games :D.
“Thanks to all for watching!”
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