Cut the Rope & Reckless Racing have been updated!

Two of my “all time” favourite iPhone games got an update this week. It really amazes me how the iPhone brought me back to videogames, and games like Cut the Rope and Reckless Racing did indeed contribute.

Cut the Rope received a new “Cosmic box” with some more puzzles, something that I missed a lot was some extra duration, here we got it, I hope they keep on releasing updates.

This new Box brings us as the main addition the possibility of inverting gravity. Although I have only tried 2 or 3 of the new puzzles I like them a lot. Give it a try.

Reckless Racing brings a new track(“Frozen Lake”)  and 2 new drivers to iPad and for us, iPhone only owners, it adds not only the new track but also “The Island”, a previously iPad-only track and the new two drivers. I haven’t updated it yet but I’m already anxious to do so as soon as I go home today.

Enjoy both and “thanks for watching!”


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Computer engineer working as a Banking Applications Developer in a multinacional firm. Actually, this blog is intended to cover my latest, and more exciting, hobby I'm spending my spare time on: iPhone Game Development. Everything I managed to learn on my own or visiting the many sites where more skilled and experienced people share they knowloedge has room in this site.
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