iCheese: Cards Duel instructions preview

One key feature of my game is the look&feel, I did my best to create an appealing interface. I’ve seen so many games with potential ruined imo by their crappy interface.

When building a game, everything must be perfect, even music for instance! Although a huge percentage of people plays iPhone with mute on, I’d love to create a game with such a good soundtrack that people regrets not being able to turn sound on on the underground.

For graphics I always had since the really begining the Retina Display target on sight. At the end, I don’t think that my game really needs that much resolution and right now I feel too lazy to recode anything at all. On the other hand, RD is something that customers appreciate and look for, so I decided I should create eveything using vectorial drawing.

Vectorial drawing allows you to resize any path or shape without loosing quality. This allowed me to design the game on 320×480 and 640×960 at the same time. This way maybe my first update could be Retina Display if I feel like doing it or have a bad feedback from the players (If anyone buys it of course!).

So, find here a preview of my game instructions, done 100% vectorial and ready to resize. Right now, anyone who did read about my game should be asking themselves what’s all about hehe, it’s an easy concept, yet funny and addictive!

El pase de diapositivas requiere JavaScript.

I was not sure which would be the best way to Localize my game instructions, at the end I went for images. Creating the different localized strings was easier, but had the drawback of having to trim everything perfectly to suit very different language. I found it easier to keep the source of the images and change the strings there so I can visually check everything is on place.

The rest of the screenshots posted till now are done vectorial aswell!!

“Thanks for watching!”


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Computer engineer working as a Banking Applications Developer in a multinacional firm. Actually, this blog is intended to cover my latest, and more exciting, hobby I'm spending my spare time on: iPhone Game Development. Everything I managed to learn on my own or visiting the many sites where more skilled and experienced people share they knowloedge has room in this site.
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