iCheese: Cards Duel (Soon on the appStore, if they let me in! :D)

Fast Paced card game where you main aim is to get rid off the cards you’re given at the start of the match.

Challenge the cpu or a friend of yours on the same device.

Think fast, drag&drop the cards at the middle slots.

Everything has been done by LapsusMental, my one man dev team, except for some free music loops I used to add some background to the game.

iCheese main iCheese desk


2 respuestas a iCheese

  1. Dave dijo:

    Suggestion: let players (for both single player mode and 2-player mode/same device) to ENTER THEIR NAMES and the game includes a LOCAL HIGHSCORE table that shows scores, total wins/losses for the players playing locally.

    I just don’t get it. Why do you iPhone developers OMIT LOCAL HIGH SCORES? SOme games include these BUT FAIL to allow people to enter their NAMES. The social networking sites, GameCenter, OpenF, etc are all good ideas BUT what developers FAIL to realize is that people like to SHARE their devices with other people (family, friends) and so when LOCAL SCORES with NAMES are absent from the game, we can’t see owns the scores of those who play locally on the same device.

    In other words, iPhone games always have this feature:

    One Device –> One game —> One player —> Game Center

    But you need to add this as well:

    One Device –> One game —> MULTIPLE PLAYERS —-> LOCAL stats and scores WITH LOCAL PLAYER NAMES.

    SOmeday I’m gonna start a blog on this topic and hopefully bring this realization to all iPhone developers: you are missing a basic concept from your games… Local score keeping with player names.

    I buy this game instantly but no local scores. Pretty bad.

    • lapsusmental dijo:

      Hi Dave,

      first of all, thanks for trying my game out and I hope that you like the rest of the game appart from the local scoring system 🙂

      I think I can work on this and provide a better scoring system. When I decided to take off the keypad to insert the name of the player who achieved the score I thought: “It’s been years, at least since good old Super Pang since I typed my name in a local highscore chart. Do I really need to keep that on my game?” And my answer was no, since I haven’t used that functionality for the last 3 years on my iPhone. And I play a lot with friends and not all of them have an iPhone either.

      Anyways, it makes me more than happy that you decided to share your feedback about something that my game actually lacks, I’ll take a look at it.
      I had in mind something such as statistics of win/lose ratio, number of moves per match and such. I don’t know when I’ll be able to implement it, but for v 1.0.2 I’ll try to allow you players to type your name so you can keep track of what you and your friends achieve on iCheese: Cards Duel.

      I hope you’re having fun playing it as I do. Thanks again for giving it a try 😉


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